Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brain Food

They say that food aides in learning... Well, we OBVIOUSLY have a genius on our hands. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amanda Knox

I watched the Lifetime Movie about the Amanda Knox case several months ago, so obviously I'm an expert on the subject. Will she be found guilty? It sounds like it could go either way, which is one of the reasons why this is so fascinating. Other reasons that it's fascinating include:
  • A pretty, innocent-looking girl has been accused of murder. Is she guilty, or is she a victim? Not knowing the answer to this question creates a real-life cliffhanger.
  • It happened in Italy, where the justice system is completely different from ours. That sort of makes you feel like this could happen to you. One day you're travelling abroad, the next day - boom! You're in prison for life.
  • Nothing is as it seems. For every "fact" about this case there is a question, and appearances are obviously deceptive. Nobody knows what to believe.
I am a pretty honest person; I'm actually a little too honest. I have a hard time concealing my emotions or pretending to think something that I don't. This can be a hinderence, and it also tends to make me believe other people are honest as well. I have a lot of students who look as innocent Amanda Knox does, and when they tell me stories about why their paper isn't finished, or why they need a pass down to the office, or why this assignment that they KNOW they turned in isn't in my gradebook, I'm probably a little too quick to believe them.

I guess I want to believe them.

And I want to believe Amanda Knox. It's sad that a girl got murdered. But it's also sad to think that somebody who is innocent is being punished for it, possibly for the rest of her life.