Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog Hop - What's the One Genre You'll Never Read?


Book Blogger Hop
As part of the Book Blogger Hop, I'm answering the question - What's the ONE genre you'll never read?

Well, call me a prude, but I really have no interest in erotica. That's why I'm staying away from 50 Shades of Grey. I like my books to be about something. While I'm sure there's erotica with good character development and theme, come on. We all know what those books are ACTUALLY about, and it's just not for me. I also like having some stuff left to the reader's imagination.


  1. I'm with you on the erotica -- no thanks! Other than that, I'll read just about anything that sounds intriguing, regardless of the genre.

    Glad to have found you via the Hop :)

  2. lol, you are not alone. almost everyone in this hop has said erotic. I think 50 shades of grey has made *boring* books like poetry of personal prose sound interesting :)

  3. I won't be reading that series, either, but not just because of the erotica. I understand that the series is poorly written, as well.


  4. I don't like Erotica either...stop by for my full answer if you like.


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  5. Oh! I so agree with you, Erotica is one of the genres I will NEVER read either.

    Thanks for your visit and becoming a new follower. I will now become your new follower as well. Have a wonderful week of reading this week.

  6. That reminds me of men reading Playboy for the "articles" Mmmm hmmm ;) Sure dude, whatever you say.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm *trying* to reply to your comment but blogger is having fits or something.

    Off to explore your blog...

  7. I would never say never to erotica however I did look at 50 Shades and it's poorly written, takes forever to get to the first sex scene and then it's incredibly boring. Also have problems with the power imbalance in the relationship.

    I'm not a genre reader as such but would never rule any book out. If it's great and genre, doesn't matter.

    Found you via twitter, thanks for following me.