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Book Review and Author Interview; MEMORIES by Deanna Sletten

Memories by Deanna Sletten

Memories, by Deanna Sletten is a compelling love story, but be prepared, it’s a tear-jerker as well. Mostly it’s about a passionate romance between the two main characters, Dani and Michael. Michael is a Vietnam vet, damaged but still able to love. Dani is the one woman who can offer him redemption and understanding. However, they are torn apart when Michael leaves suddenly with no explanation. Eighteen years later they meet by chance, and find a way to love each other again.

The story isn’t so much about what happens, but the journey that the characters take. It’s all written in flashback, so readers know the ending from the first page. That’s okay; there are still many surprises along the way, and this is a book well-worth reading.

The characters are realistic and vividly drawn, and they speak like real people. If you’re in the mood for a sad but sweet romance, then I highly recommend Memories.

Deanna Sletten graciously agreed to be interviewed! Keep reading to find out more...

L.O. - I like to do ten-word posts on my blog. Can you describe the story of your book in exactly ten words?

 Two people who find love again after years of separation.

L.O -  What is the theme or the message of your novel, and how did you incorporate it into your writing?
I suppose the message is that love never dies no matter how many years go by. If a person falls in love with their "true love" but then time separates them, that connection never ends. I wanted to write a love story where, no matter how many tragedies occur, the two people are able to get past them and their love endures. We live in such a throw-away world today; it's nice to think that true love continues no matter what happens.

L.O - What did you enjoy most about writing this particular book?

I just loved the relationship between the two protagonists, Dani and Michael. They knew each other inside-out, even after years apart. I loved writing their angry scenes and then the scenes when they connected on a deeper level. I also enjoyed writing the nightmare scenes for Michael. They give great depth to his character and they still make me cry!

4.) If your book was going to be made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?

This is difficult for me because I didn't think of any particular actor when I wrote this book. The characters are people I created in my mind, so they are one of a kind to me. But if I had to pick two actors who might fit these characters, it would be Gerard Butler as Michael and Rachel McAdams as Dani. They are close to the descriptions of my characters in both appearance and age.  

  L.O - What inspired you to become a writer? Are there any favorite authors or books you can name?

I have always enjoyed making up stories, even as a young child. I just never thought of writing as something I could actually do to earn a living until two of my English professors in college asked me why my major wasn't writing. After that, I was hooked with the writing bug. I started out writing for newspapers, small print magazines and then for websites. All the while, I was also writing novels, but was never able to place them with an agent or publisher. The opportunity to self-publish gave me a way to share my books with readers.

I have many favorite books and authors. The very first book I fell in love with was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, then Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I love those books not only for their stories but also for the beautiful way they are written. Another favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald. I've read every book/short story he wrote. Contemporary authors I enjoy are Janet Evanovich, Elizabeth Buchan, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Dan Brown and Jennifer Weiner. I've also found several indie authors whose work I enjoy including Holly Bush, Alle Wells, Ann Swann and Jan Romes. I love to read and finding new authors is always a joy.

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