Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Kindle Scout Diary - days 1 thru 3 - "Hot and Trending"

I have always wanted to be hot and trending. Now I feel like my life, or my writing career, depends on it. Which is silly. It's really just my sanity that's at stake.

Okay, I'll back up. Around eight months ago I found out about the Kindle Scout Program, where readers "nominate" your book in the hope that Amazon will publish it. If Amazon is your publisher, it could mean increased marketing and having a leg up in the huge playing field that publishing has become.

Sign me up! I thought. They only accept romance, science fiction, and thrillers? No problem. I turned the book I was working on into a thriller. (Since then they've broadened the categories to Literature and Fiction.) I need a cover, super-short book description, and flawless editing? I did my best. I want to be published by Amazon so much so that I'm willing to set myself up for tremendous disappointment if my book isn't chosen.

Well, my campaign started, and even though self-promotion comes about as naturally to me as writing left-handed, I contacted my Facebook friends and begged them to nominate The Standout. A lot of them must have done it because I got into the "Hot and Trending" category a few hours after my campaign began.(Thank you everyone!) I checked back after more than a day had passed, and I still was hot. And trending. But now I'm afraid to look.

Because how long will it last?

Maybe the fact that I wore my new, purple clog Birkenstocks on day one helped. They're definitely trending. The lady at the shoe store said they're a limited edition. And I've been ramping up my workouts lately, so of course, I am HOT.

But I know that my "hot and trending" status could easily become an obsession. I really don't want to feel cold and clueless, so I've resolved not to look at my page, unless I'm copying the link for promotion. However, out of sight does not equal out of mind.

Keep me Hot and Trending!  Click here now to nominate The Standout!

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