Eli's Lego Creations

My son Eli is a Lego expert, and we decided to devote a page on this blog so he could display his work. We will add to it as he continues to build and create new projects.

Over the weekend Eli has been working with just the pieces shown above.

He has used these pieces, and theses pieces only, to create the different creatures pictured below.


                                              Spike from a different perspective
Spike backwards
New creature - Named "Kick"

11/23 Eli's sending a picture of this dog to Lego Creations. I hope they publish it!
3/5/13 We haven't posted in a while,
but it's a snow day, so today is the perfect opportunity.


  1. Spike has amazing feet that look like they could hold up on a really long hike. I wonder where he'll be going.

    1. Eli says: I don't know where's going - maybe he's walking to the North Pole to see Santa.

    2. That's such a long walk. I hope he's taking plenty of dog food.