Saturday, May 5, 2012

Book Review - Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Spin by Catherine McKenzie, is about thirty-year-old Katie, who is aimless, irresponsible, and prone to excessive partying. When she gets a shot at her dream job, being a music reporter at her favorite magazine, she blows the interview because she's still drunk from celebrating her birthday the night before.
But all is not lost. The magazine's sister publication, a gossip rag, offers Katie an undercover gig to enter rehab and follow the antics of a Lindesy Lohan like celebrity and report about it. Katie jumps at the chance, because if she's successful she'll still get her dream job as a music reporter. What she doesn't realize is the effect her being in rehab will have on her friends, family, and herself. She also must face the ramifications of becoming close to her fellow patients in rehab, including the ones she is there to betray.
It's a good story, with suspense, romance, and self-discovery. It's entertaining without being completely mindless. And, I for one, enjoy books where the main character is flawed and must grow to reach her potential. This book certainly qualifies, and the redemption Katie finds by the end is deserved.