Friday, September 21, 2012

My Life as a Movie

I watch a lot of movies. I like drama, suspense, political thrillers, and comedy the best. Just recently I saw Contagion, and I had to ask myself, “What is it about watching a bunch of people die from a deadly virus that I enjoy?” It even took place in my home town of Minneapolis, which made the whole scenario seem that much more realistic.

            In any movie there’s going to be conflict; without it, there’s no story. But while some movies we watch for escape – pretty people doing fairytale like actions, other movies, like Contagion, we watch so we can be horrified without being at risk ourselves. It’s the equivalent to riding a scary rollercoaster: all the thrills, minus the danger.

            So I ask myself, if my life was a movie, what sort of movie would it be? It could be a gritty urban high school drama, like Dangerous Minds or Freedom Writers, because the high school where I teach has a high poverty rate, and also a lot of minority students. But I’m not nearly as inspirational as Michelle Pheiffer or Hillary Swank, and when I watch those movies I laugh cynically at how unrealistic they are.

            Besides, while I have my fair share of trials and tribulations, I’m pretty lucky when it comes right down to it. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful, healthy children, my parents are still kicking around and doing great, and there are no nasty people stalking us or threatening our livelihood. That rules out both drama and suspense. In addition, there are no ghosts, spirits, or demons inhabiting our house (that I know of), and we’ve never been visited by aliens, although my seven-year-old son still claims that he is one. Still, I think I also need to rule out horror and science-fiction.

            I’m not nearly important enough to be the center of a political thriller.

            And while I’m happily married, I’ve been married for ten years, and I’m no Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, or Jennifer Anniston. So I’m pretty sure my life wouldn’t qualify as a romance.

            Unless I’m forgetting a genre, I believe that leaves comedy. My kids can say and do some pretty funny stuff. The same is true for my high school students. My husband has a wicked sense of humor, and I like to believe the same about me. So yeah, my life would have to be a comedy, but it wouldn’t be a slap-stick, Bridesmaids sort of a comedy. It would be more like an independent film, quietly funny, where the actors aren’t as good looking as normal, big screen stars. Think Away We Go with pregnant Maya Rudolf and John Krasinski with a beard. It’s a comedy, but it’s all about where they’re going and what they’re doing next. It makes you laugh, but there are serious moments too. Not everything is wrapped up at the end, but that’s a good thing. The soundtrack is full of artists you’ve never heard of, but maybe you’ll download it from itunes later.

            In the end, that’s a lot better than having my life be like Contagion. It may not be watched as much, and there may not be all the big-name stars. But Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t die in the beginning either. And that’s saying something.

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  1. I do like the idea about if our real life were a movie, how I could imagine it,, well honestly i never think about it, though I always believe that real life is more dramatic ,romance or even thriller comparing to any famous picture I ever watched.
    I don’t know why,, maybe because I'm from Somalia the country that suffer from every thing civil war, poverty, and famine.
    One day i saw in the news a story that i will never ever forget about that Somali women who leaved her village running away starvation with her 2 kids to the city hoping that she will find food to fed her children, on the way one of her kids get so sick so he could not walked any more, and the mother have to take a decision whether to choose both her life and her other kid but that's mean of course that she have to leave her other kid, or stay with her sick child so the three of them will finally die.............
    She of course choose to leave, and she leave her other son on the road to die alone, isn't that more dramatic than any movie that you ever watched. That's how the people of Somalia leaved the only thing that they are hoping is how to survive.

    P.S. sorry for my English that full of grammatical mistakes, because you're a teacher that's the first thing that will see, but remember that my first language is Arabic not English,

    and I disagree with you teachers have an influence to their students maybe not like the movies that u mentioned but they do have deep influence on them and take me an example on it.

    I like your bog and i will always read it.