Monday, April 14, 2014

Book Review - Spun by Catherine McKenzie

Spun by Catherine McKenzie is a fabulous novella that packs the same punch as a full length novel. It’s a sequel of sorts, to the novel Spin, but the point of view switches from Katie to Amber.
Several years have passed and Amber has managed, for the most part, to stay clean. But she’s been reduced to starring in perfume commercials and working with pretentious directors who don’t realize that she’s actually smarter than they are. Meanwhile, the paparazzi are still after Amber and her parents only communicate with her through televised “interventions.” Her best friend is still her publicist, and even Katie seems to have betrayed her.

So it’s no wonder that Amber is still drawn to her first love, the self-destructive Connor, and she can’t resist coming to him when he sends her a text in their coded language. But what follows is both unexpected and devastating.

Catherine McKenzie’s writing style is so polished and clever, but she also manages to make me laugh and cry. Spun is perfect for a plane ride or an evening or two of pleasant diversion. The pop culture references are flawless and the characterization is well done. Spun is just heavy enough not to feel fluffy and it’s also quite entertaining. A great read!

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