Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday and Pie Girls

I am so excited to be included in a list of some outstanding cyber Monday deals in chick lit and women's fiction! Keep scrolling down, and you'll find them, and if you have a hard time trying to decide which to purchase, just get them all! (It will still be way cheaper than buying a regularly priced book!) First, read my review of Pie Girls, by Lauren Clark, one of the fabulous authors who is offering her books at a very low price today.
Chick lit is one of my favorite genres, so I decided to give Pie Girls a try. This book totally lived up to my expectations, and them some. The character development was especially well done! At first, Searcy seemed spoiled and materialistic, but that just left room for growth. Her character arc was so well done! The plot is pretty simple, in a good way. Searcy goes home after her husband leaves her, and once there, she helps her mother with her pie shop. This novel evoked so many different emotions. At times I was angry, nostalgic, sad, happy, and then I found myself laughing. Lauren Clark’s writing seems so effortless, yet it is so cleverly written. I would definitely recommend this book to others! This was such a wonderful, sweet story, and I was glad to be able to escape into it. Searcy starts out as a superficial, unlikable character, but she has a believable yet touching turn-around. Lauren Clark is a gifted author to achieve such a feat - making me care about a character that I initially did not like. In addition, I loved the mother/daughter relationship because it totally rang true. If you are looking for a well-written book that will spur a range of emotions, you've found it here with Pie Girls. It's a fun read that you'll still be thinking about long after you've reached the last page.

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  1. Laurel - THANK YOU so much for featuring Pie Girls .. and for your lovely and thoughtful comments! It's so wonderful to have connected with you! I look forward to reading more of your books :) Have a great week <3 Lauren