Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Kennedys vs. The Royal Family

This morning I was looking at the paper and I saw an article about the upcoming royal wedding, which I'm only aware of because I don't live in a cave. I said to Rich, my husband, "I don't get why people are so caught up in this wedding."
"Because they're pathetic," he replied.
Rich has never shied away from strong opinions, and he's been known to be particularly "strong minded" in the morning, before his first cup of coffee. However, as this is not a subject I care much about, I declined to comment back.
The same wasn't true two days ago, when I found to my delight, that the entire Kennedy miniseries that the History Channel decided not to show is now be offered for free on Demand. Yay! I love stuff about the Kennedys, I always have. I'm particularly fond of Bobby Kennedy. If there's a book, movie, or mini-series made about him, then I've read or watched it. Rich concedes Bobby might actually have had a soul, and I agree. I'd like to think there was truth behind all his convictions.
So I don't know why Rich was surprised when I told him how happy I was about the Kennedy miniseries. After he mimed throwing up, he told me it had gotten terrible reviews and I couldn't be serious about watching it.
"I'm not as governed by other people's opinions as you are," I said. He laughed and admitted I won that round.
I'm enjoying watching it. Tom Wikinson as Joe Sr. is excellent, and I'm enjoying Greg Kinnear as Jack and Barry Pepper as Bobby. Katie Holmes as Jackie is entertaining. Part of the time I think she's doing a great job, and then I recognize some mannerism of Joey's from Dawson's Creek, and I'm sort of brought out of the story a little.
Whatever. Everyone has their fascinations. Why do I care so much about the Kennedys and not at all about the Royal Family? They're so similar in so many ways: glamor, corruption hidden under a shiny surface, ideals that got lost in ambition, mysterious deaths...
Hmm. Maybe I've been missing out. It might be time to find a new fascination.

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