Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Book Review - Portal

Portal, by Imogen Rose, is a time travel story. It starts out with a woman named Olivia, thinking about her pregnancy and her marriage to a man she no longer loves. Then she walks into a bar and meets a handsome stranger who seems achingly familiar. Before she leaves he says to her, "Find me two years ago."

Cut to a car ride. A girl named Arizona wakes up and most of her life is different. She lives in a different state, she has an older brother, her grandmother is still alive, her father is a different man, she has a new last name, and she is now blonde. Other things, like some of her friends, her memories, and her hockey skills, have stayed the same. Arizona must navigate this new life and figure out what happened to the old one. In the end she must decide; if she could go back, would she?

Portal was an enjoyable read and the use of time travel was very creative. I also liked all the description. The dialogue could have been better, same with character development. But I liked the book enough that I expect I'll read the rest of the series.

Apparently Imogen Rose published her books independently and has now been picked up by a major publisher. That's what I read in a reader review, so I'm not actually sure about it. Nevertheless, the series is obviously very succesful - another YA paranormal series by an indie author to take off!

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