Friday, September 4, 2015

Kindle Scout Day 8 and The Mystery of the 8 PM Whistle!

We have a mystery at our house.

Every evening at eight o’clock, a whistle goes off. It’s neither particularly loud nor long, but even still, it’s a whistle. When a whistle goes off, you take notice. But that’s not the issue. We don’t know where this whistle is coming from, or why it’s happening in the first place.

Our house is small so we should be able to figure it out. For the last few evenings, at around 7:58, Rich, Eli, and I take different posts, trying to pinpoint the whistle’s source. For example, last night Rich was upstairs, Eli was in the hallway, and I was in the living room, by the game drawer. (Pauline was in her bedroom with the door shut, because the mysterious whistle scares her.)

No matter where we stand, the whistle is never incredible close. I’m not sure how this is possible, because our house is more cozy and cottage-like than it is cavernous. And we’ve dug through every area where we might have put a tool or device with an alarm. We’ve checked our computers, phones, Ipads, etc.


As Rich said, eventually the battery of whatever it is will run out. I guess that’s good, because it means the whistle will eventually stop blowing. But it’s also bad, because we might never know what's causing the mysterious 8 PM whistle, and I hate not knowing.

It doesn’t feel like a stretch to compare our whistle to my Kindle Scout campaign, even though I discovered that I can access a stats page that tells me how many page views I’ve gotten and where my traffic is coming from. It's all still a mystery though, because I don’t know is how many actual nominations I’ve gotten, and I certainly don’t know what Amazon is looking for when they make their final decision. Is it my book’s number of hours in Hot and Trending? The professionalism of my author page? The quality and/or marketability of my novel? It’s probably a combination of the three, but those last two are incredibly subjective, and the possibility of getting published feels so impossibly close, yet entirely intangible. What’s more,  I have to know that I might never know what makes a Kindle Scout nominee successful.

Yet I’ll keep searching. That whistle is calling me. I have to try.

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And I'll be sooooo grateful!

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