Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kindle Scout: Nine Days Left (and my nine favorite movies)

So my days are down to the single digits on Kindle Scout. I have to say, it's gone better than I ever imagined. I still doubt I'll get picked, but it won't be for a lack of trying. I was in Hot & Trending for over a week (thanks again, Candace's Book Blog), but yesterday morning I fell out of that desired category.
Looking at my stats, I discovered that over half of my page views came from people who were already on the Kindle Scout site. For this, I need to thank Christa Holland at Paper and Sage. She designed my cover, and I have received so many compliments on it.  I can't stress the importance of a good cover. If it doesn't look professional and compelling, people won't click on it, and most likely, Kindle Press won't publish it. Christa has designed four covers for me now, and I love her work. Authors, I strongly recommend her. Her covers are fabulous, her rates are extremely reasonable, and she's super-professional.

Before I launch into my nine favorite films (in honor of my nine days left on Kindle Scout), I'll make my usual plea: PLEASE NOMINATE The Standout. It's super-quick & easy, and you'll get a free copy if it's chosen. Don't miss this Black Swan meets Project Runway thriller! Click here right now to nominate The Standout!

#9 - Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life
I'm sort of cheating here, by having a tie, but I just couldn't choose between these two equally cheesy yet wonderful Christmas movies:
Miracle on 34th Street is such a classic, and I love the court case where they prove that Santa Claus exists. In addition, it has probably my favorite line delivery of all time, when the drunk wife Mrs. Shellhammer says, "I would love to have Santa Claus come stay with us. I think it would SIMPLY charming!" (see video above)

I've seen It's a Wonderful Life literally dozens of time, and I still always cry when Harry Bailey says, "To George - the richest man in town."

#8: Babe
I recently watched Babe for the first time in years, this time with my children. It stood the test of time.  I'm a sucker for a strong ending. "That will do, Pig, That will do." I can't go into more detail without giving spoilers, but heck. I actually get choked up, thinking about it. I guess that make me a hypocrite, because I also love bacon!

#7: Dead Poet's Society
I was young when this movie came out and it inspired me. And, speaking of strong endings, Dead Poet's Society has my second-favorite ending of any movie, ever. I wanted to jump into the screen and scream, "Oh Captain, my Captain!"

#6: Terms of Endearment
There's some undefinable element about this movie that I love, but other parts are easier to name. Shirley MacLaine's scene where she demands that her daughter get pain medication? Debra Winger's scene where she tells her son that she knows he loves her? PURE GOLD.

#5: Citizen Kane

Call me pretentious, but I have to name Citizen Kane as one of the best, because I used to teach Film Studies, and this film is like a complex puzzle. Every time I showed it (around 40 times) I noticed something new, yet I could never remember the order of the scenes. It's amazing, to not be able to predict something that you are so incredibly familiar with.

#4: The Graduate
This is another one that I showed in Film Studies. It's rare that a movie can be so funny, deep, and complex, all at the same time.

#3: Tootsie
Dustin Hoffman is my favorite actor and the entire movie is hilarious, but the montage that ends with Bill Murray's line, "That is one crazy hospital!" is the most brilliantly orchestrated segment of a film that I can think of.

#2: Broadcast News
I admit to being a James Brooks fan (he also did Terms of Endearment.) This movie has some of the most quotable lines ever: "I can read, while I sing, I am singing and reading, BOTH!" The love triangle drew me, but the issues about media responsibility still resonate nearly thirty years after the film's been made.

#1: On the Waterfront

"I coulda been a contender!" The movie is campy by today's standards, but Marlon Brando's acting is unforgettable, the cinematography incredibly innovative, and the politics underneath the film are fascinating. Plus, this movie has my FAVORITE ending, ever. It's even better than Babe and Dead's Poet's Society, which says a lot. 

Now please, give me my amazing ending, and nominate The Standout on Kindle Scout. Here's the link again.


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